Colouring the Nation

Handkerchief design The ‘Colouring the Nation’ project is a two-year collaborative research project between the University of Edinburgh and the National Museums Scotland, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Scottish Government. It will investigate various fancy textile industries of Scotland from the nineteenth century to the present day, including the Turkey red dyeing and printing industry in the west of Scotland. Research is primarily based on the Turkey Red Collection of pattern books and textile samples held in the National Museums Scotland. Some images from these pattern books and more information about the project are available here.

The Glasgow Miracle: Materials for Alternative Histories

Opening of the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow

Opening of the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow
May 1975


The Glasgow School of Art in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow has been awarded a grant by the AHRC for a speculative research project. The Glasgow Miracle project aims to open up previously inaccessible archive material to assist research and reflection upon the causes and conditions which encouraged the renaissance of the visual arts in Glasgow since the late 1970s. Its activities can be followed via its blog at:

Digital makeover for celebrated Glasgow artists

GSA The MagazineA newly launched website – (made possible with Recognition funding from Museums Galleries Scotland) has replicated the unique GSA Magazine as an important on-line resource. This four-volume work documents the collaboration of various students and artists associated with the Glasgow School of Art during the mid-1890s. The GSA Magazine contains watercolours, pen and ink drawings and early photographs, together with poetry and prose and includes significant designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald, amongst others.