The Edwin Morgan Papers: Remembering Joan Eardley

Lovely blog about the late Edwin Morgan’s connection with GSA alumnus Joan Eardley, commemorating 50 years since her death.

University of Glasgow Library

Today is the 50th anniversary of Joan Eardley’s death in 1963 and to commemorate Eardley we would like to share some gems from The Papers of Edwin Morgan (1920-2010) that we have identified during the cataloguing of MS Morgan.

Joan Eardley’s painting Sweet Shop, Rotten Row c1961 [GLAHA 51762] was presented to the Hunterian Art Gallery by Edwin Morgan in 2004, along with the rest of his substantial art collection, which included 3 other paintings by Eardley.  The Hunterian Art Gallery’s catalogue notes:

Eardley’s use of broken colour, collage and stencilled letters was stimulated by what she saw around her.  In Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, the object of her fascination was a frequently re-painted shop sign, about which she said, ‘The word “Confectioner” was repeated about three times, with differtent bits of it showing through the latest layer.  Below that was the yellow of the previous one, below that…

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