Past Is Prologue: Artists Who Work With Archives

We too attended the Past is Prologue conference about using archives for creative practice held at Goldsmiths last week. This blog post provides an excellent summary of the presentations and workshops from the day, and will definitely be of interest to students and other creative practitioners interested in how archives can inform their work.

On Wednesday September 18th I had the pleasure of attending a conference called Past Is Prologue, hosted at Goldsmiths by an organisation called LIFT. The day was advertised on their website as follows:

A day of dialogues and presentations exploring the ways in which artists draw creative potential from archive material such as photographs, film, artifacts and oral histories.

As a volunteer researcher and blogger for Archives+, who also happens to be an artist (I often use archive material and historical sources to inform my creative work), this conference presented an ideal opportunity to find out more about working with archives as an artist, and to meet people with similar interests.

It would take an essay to cover all the interesting material shared over the course of the day, so instead I’m going to focus on a few carefully selected examples. A sample of the events…

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